Dr .Raheem Abdul-Sahib Ogla Ali Al-Attatefa

Director of the Center for Cultural and Electronic Services


The Center for Electronic Cultural Services was established by virtue of the decision of the University Council adopted at its

4th session held on 31/12/2007 and the University Order No. 2/1/2008 and opened on 18/2/2008, one of the facades of the

University of Technology and is one of the important service centers in the university, for the provision of cultural

services  Staff, students and anyone who frequents it provides the available electronic means and civil techniques used in

studies for scientific research and is accessible to students Researchers and teaching staff members of the university and

other universities and working to expand the scope and quality of these services and development aspects in support of the

educational process and mitigation The center provides maintenance services for electronic devices and photocopying

machines. Engineers have long experience in their work. The center also publishes a culture of using modern means of

education  President of the University  and his recommendations to facilitate the functions

of beneficiaries of the services of the Center.

We have 45 guests and no members online

Highest Visitors 08-26-2020 : 261

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